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Rivers Education
Support Centre


Rivers Education Support Centre Secondary Outreach Support provides support for pupils in mainstream schools whose behaviour is giving cause for concern.

This support is provided within the pupil's school. The aim is to reduce problems and prevent further escalation of challenging behaviour and to re-engage students with their learning. The focus is behaviour for learning.
Programmes of intervention to reduce the risk of exclusion are agreed between the Outreach Worker and the school and include:

  • Programmes of work - One to One Individual sessions with students designed around their needs to help them develop appropriate self-management strategies.
  • Work with students to support them with emotional difficulties, anger management, self-esteem and relationship difficulties.
  • Work with small groups which the school have identified as needing team building work or which are proving a challenge to manage
  • Support with Pastoral Support Plans and target setting through consultation with teachers
  • Staff support - collaborative problem solving
  • Lesson observations to inform Outreach planning
  • Support for parents in partnership with school and other services/agencies.
  • Reviews of support
  • For students returning to mainstream school post exclusion we have a reintegration support service.
  • Support the reintegration of ‘hard to place’ pupils.
  • Transition Projects
  • Helpline
  • Crisis intervention is possible in some cases for complex cases in schools.
  • Advice for schools working with pupils who have an EHCP can be offered e.g. ASD ADHD ADD
  • Social and Communication skills addressed if appropriate.
  • Personal responsibility for behaviour is encouraged
  • Evaluations on the Programme of support are gathered from the pupil, parents and school.

Who can be referred? 

Rivers ESC Outreach Service is for pupils who are at risk of exclusion or for those whom early intervention would prevent from being at risk. 
If there is an on-going Common Assessment Framework (CAF) then this can be used as the referral Document. Otherwise referrals are made using the County’s Service Request Form (SRF).

Single Service Request Form - DOC

Single Service Request Form - PDF

Schools must ensure they have parent/carer consent for the Rivers ESC Outreach involvement in order for us to be able to work with the student.
Referring a pupil for Rivers ESC support moves the pupil from School Action to School Action Plus.

Information for Parents 

Rivers ESC Outreach team supports schools in promoting positive behaviour.  
We work in all Secondary Schools covering East Hertfordshire.
We work in partnership with parents and schools.

We are an outside agency working with the pupil in their school bringing a new perspective.

Who are we? 

Teachers and Outreach workers. 
We have worked in Secondary Schools and in our Centre and use this experience in our work with students.
We work in 21 secondary schools in the borough of Broxbourne and in the East Herts area.
We are experienced in working for CSF and our team has 53 years joint experience working as Outreach woekers.
We are an evidence based, needs led, solution focused service

How do we help your child? 

We may observe your child in lessons.  
Following discussion with yourself and the school, we will arrange a Programme of Support; this may involve individual or small group sessions during the school day.  
Programmes usually last for 8 weeks. 
At the end of the support programme we will meet with yourselves and the school to discuss the programme and plan for the future.
We promote reading, writing, maths and communication and focus on attitude to learning and pupil progress.

How you can help?  

Talk to your child before we start the programme.
Ask them about the session. 
Attend arranged meetings. 
Support your child with their targets

The Secondary Outreach (DSPL3 and DSPL4) team 

Secondary Outreach Manager - Kate Goodwin (
Outreach workers - Angela Chinnici, Jackie Cole, Natasha Eagling, Michelle Tate, Daren Peary and Georgia Willsmore,