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Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 centre in Hoddesdon provides education for year 10 and 11 pupils. Many pupils are supported to reintegrate back into mainstream school once it has been identified that they are likely to be successful. Rivers ESC works with the Fair Access team in Hertfordshire to choose the new school placement and to plan how to meet the additional needs of the pupil who is reintegrating.

KS4 pupils complete a wide range of exam-based and vocational qualifications to work towards future aspirations and chosen career pathways. Some KS4 pupils may work on learning pathways, which include attendance at alternative provisions supported by centre staff.

"He likes being at Rivers and rates it as 10/10!"

Pupils have access to a broad range of subjects at a variety of levels and are guided to be highly aspirational with the courses they select. Pupil outcomes are outstanding.





"My son is absolutely loving it at Rivers. It's really nice to see him enjoying school, after the struggle that we have had at mainstream. Thank you all so much!"