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Rivers Education Support Centre

The Primary Outreach (DSPL4) team

Primary Outreach Manager:
Jackie Richardson (

Outreach workers: Loraine Quinn, Donna Coats

Serving Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak, Hoddesdon, Turnford, Waltham Cross and Wormley

Pupils referred from our mainstream Primary schools for help with managing their challenging behaviour.

We aim to provide short term intervention to facilitate long term change.
By providing early intervention for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties and support for our colleagues in schools, we aim to reduce the need for fixed term and permanent exclusion.
Programmes of intervention are agreed between the Outreach staff and school. They include;

  • One to one individual sessions with pupils developed around their needs to support improved self help strategies
  • Work with pupils to support them with emotional difficulties, anger management, self esteem and friendship/relationship difficulties
  • "Circle of Support" group work and class circle time
  • Observation in class to inform outreach planning
  • Behaviour Support agreements developed through assessment processes incorporating the completion of the Herts Behaviour questionnaire
  • Parent interview/questionnaire/support and advice line
  • Programme review

The Primary Outreach (DSPL3) team

Primary Outreach Manager - Karen Bent ( 
Outreach teacher - Jackie Richardson 
Outreach workers - Ershen Mehmet, Michelle Wheeldon, Natasha Harvey, Krystle Williams and Claudine Tavner

Serving Hertford, Ware, Bishops Stortford, Buntingford and surrounding areas

Rivers Educational Support Centre provides a targeted and specialist primary behaviour service in DSPL3, for primary aged pupils, with high level social emotional and mental health needs, (SEMH).

This includes:
• Outreach support for schools and individual pupils with SEMH.
• Intervention for pupils at risk of fixed term and permanent exclusion.
• Provision of tuition from the 6th day of permanent exclusion, in a mainstream school.
This service will:
• Work in partnership with staff in local Primary Schools to model approaches, offer  strategies and support staff to create personalised resources for individual pupils and small groups. 
• Work directly with pupils, 1:1 or in small groups.  
• Work with school staff to identify individual pupils' needs and develop a graduated response. 
• Work in partnership with school staff and parents/carers to create personalised support agreements to meet the needs of pupils with SEMH, who are at risk of fixed term and permanent exclusion. 
• Offer bespoke support for school staff, for example: understanding individual pupil behaviour, writing Risk Reduction Plans, whole class and individual strategies and solution focused meetings. 
• Facilitate half-termly Network Meetings for staff working with pupils with Education Health and Care plans or HNF funding, for SEMH.

Primary Behaviour Team Request form - PDF Document
Primary Behaviour Team Request form - Word Document 

Who can be referred? 

Our service supports pupils at risk of exclusion or as part of an early intervention to prevent that risk.

Referrals from schools 

Referrals for individual support should be sent on the Single service referral form.

Schools can use the following link to request our services:

SRF Green Form

Where there is an ongoing Families First Assessment, this can be used as a referral form to our service

Who are we ? 

Teachers and Outreach workers
We have worked in Primary schools and in our centres, our "hands on" experience and training informs our work.

We work in 86 Primary schools in the borough of Broxbourne and in the East Herts area

How do we help? 

We observe pupils in the school environment. Following discussion we arrange a programme of support, complete our assessments and draw up a Behaviour Support Agreement. This will involve individual, small group sessions during school and at times whole class circle time.

"I had the pleasure of sitting in the room with HR whilst he had his online session today. He absolutely loved it. Donna and Loraine were both so good with him. "

We offer 12 one hour sessions with a review at six sessions.
At the end of the programme we meet to discuss its impact and plan for the future.
Parent support of the programme of intervention is vital through attending meetings, talking about the programme and supporting your child with their agreed targets
Consent for the intervention of the Rivers ESC Outreach team must be obtained prior to the commencement of the programme
Our work is effectively in partnership with school, pupil and parent.

DSPL4 Leaflet