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Outreach Primary

The Primary Outreach (DSPL3) team


DSPL3 Primary Outreach Manager - Karen Bent ( 
Outreach teachers -Jackie Richardson, Lauren Ward, Rebecca King
Senior Outreach workers - Ershen Mehmet
Outreach worker - Rebecca King


Serving Hertford, Ware, Bishops Stortford, Buntingford and surrounding areas

Rivers Educational Support Centre provides a targeted and specialist primary behaviour service in DSPL3, for primary aged pupils, with high level social emotional and mental health needs, (SEMH).

This includes:
• Outreach support for schools and individual pupils with SEMH.
• Intervention for pupils at risk of fixed term and permanent exclusion.
• Provision of tuition from the 6th day of permanent exclusion, in a mainstream school.
This service will:
• Work in partnership with staff in local Primary Schools to model approaches, offer  strategies and support staff to create personalised resources for individual pupils and small groups. 
• Work directly with pupils, 1:1 or in small groups.  
• Work with school staff to identify individual pupils' needs and develop a graduated response. 
• Work in partnership with school staff and parents/carers to create personalised support agreements to meet the needs of pupils with SEMH, who are at risk of fixed term and permanent exclusion. 
• Offer bespoke support for school staff, for example: understanding individual pupil behaviour, writing Risk Reduction Plans, whole class and individual strategies and solution focused meetings. 
• Facilitate half-termly Network Meetings for staff working with pupils with Education Health and Care plans or HNF funding, for SEMH.


The Primary Outreach (DSPL4) team


Primary Outreach Manager: Jackie Richardson (
Outreach workers:
Donna Coats, Gabriella Ricotta, Holly Howard

A tier 2 service available to our DSPL4 mainstream primary schools requesting support for referred pupils with managing their difficult behaviour.
Serving Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak, Hoddesdon, Turnford, Waltham Cross and Wormley.

We aim to provide short term intervention to facilitate long term change.
By providing early intervention for primary aged pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties and support for our colleagues in schools, we aim to reduce the need for fixed term and permanent exclusion.

Please complete the referral form in full, ensuring parent/carer written consent is included and email to Jackie Richardson.

DSPL4 Outreach Referral Form

This service will:

  • Work in partnership with staff in DSPL4 Primary schools
  • Work with school staff and parents to agree support incorporating information provided on the referral form and through completion of the Herts Behaviour questionnaire
  • Observe the pupil in school and feedback to school staff with suggested strategies and next steps
  • Offer to support school staff to develop an individual therapeutic behaviour plan in line with Hertfordshire Steps
  • Offer ongoing strategies and solution focused meetings
  • Provide one to one intervention sessions with pupils planned around their individual needs. For example, this may include developing their:
    • emotional literacy
    • emotional regulation
    • social skills
    • self-esteem
  • Review support and assess progress
  • Provide a written final report