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Rivers Education Support Centre

Exams Summer 2022

Following the two years of disruption resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, Ofqual have confirmed that exams will take place again this year.

Please note the following dates for the GCSE exams:

Tuesday               17.05.22              am          Biology GCSE Paper 1

Wednesday        18.05.22              am          English Language GCSE Paper 1

Friday                   20.05.22              am          Maths GCSE Paper 1

Wednesday        25.05.22              am          English Literature GCSE Paper 1

Tuesday               07.06.22              am          Maths GCSE Paper 2

Wednesday        08.06.22              am          English Literature GCSE Paper 2

Friday                   10.06.22              am          English Language GCSE Paper 2

Monday               13.06.22              am          Maths GCSE Paper 3

Monday               13.06.22              pm         iMedia

Wednesday        29.06.22               This will be a ‘contingency day’ for any exams which have failed to take place nationally.  The exam boards always leave a day at the end of the exam session, which can be used if any assessments have had to be cancelled nationally because of unforeseen circumstances.  All candidates are asked to be available on this date, so please do not book a holiday at this time.

There will be other assessments in addition to these, but these are the key dates.

The exam results will be published on Thursday 25th August 2022.